In February 2023, Rebecca Kane, Director of AFOPH, recorded 12 women's stories, anonymously. They were from Pippi, WEHAF, IBES College, Meru Maasai Boma, and St. Therese Secondary School. They described their young lives that were often a desperate struggle, seeking help and work they could make into a career.  This book is now in the hands of all the women from these NGOs and some men.  The hope of AFOPH is that the women/girls who read this book will gain inspiration and determination to move forward with their lives -  as the brave women/girls have written about in this emotional but courageous journey of life.

Book: To Come from Dust to Destiny

This Book describes the journeys of 12 women - from abandonment, to struggle, to finding their destinies. In Swahili only now. Copies available.

Given to all all at  4 NGOs in Arusha region.

Book Cover

Private School Tuition

This is Anna, who has been supported for two years of private school.
This enables her to live with her mother, a former PH girl having graduated from IBES Nursery School Training Program

Anna in Class

Additional Food Budget

The food budget allotted is not adequate for 55 girls/women at PH and a $200 monthly donation helps them with a more adaquate diet for growing minds and bodies.


College Tuition & Educational Funds

Here is Dorine, one of the PH women sent to IBES College student teaching in a local school. She and two other PH women have graduated and are working full-time jobs as pre-school teachers. It is truly another dream come true.

College Tuition, Lodging, & Food

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