Help us Turn Pippi House into A HOME! Listen to Aristedes speak to the womens' needs for a place they can call home - a place where they will not feel pressured to marry and can continue their education and training. Funds for building/buying a new place are essential for Pippi House to maintain itself.

NEW HOME, a German NGO, has facilitated the funds and construction of a new PH. AFOPH will be raising funds for the final construction and  the many need for utilities, doors, new furniture. Go to Donate Now or to the Promanity site.

New Building


Through the hard work of AFOPH and the many generous donations during the fundraiser, Pippi House has been able to purchase their own van for school, church and hospital trips.

Transportation Funds for all Pippi Students

College Tuition & Educational Funds

Here is Dorine, one of the PH women sent to IBES College student teaching in a local school. She and two other PH women have graduated and are working full-time jobs as pre-school teachers. It is truly another dream come true.

College Tuition, Lodging, & Food

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