Our Vision

American Friends of Pippi House will facilitate the positive change and provide the protection to the “street” girls and children who live at this shelter in Arusha, Tannzania. We intend to provide more than the basics that all young women and children deserve. We believe they all deserve the right to be free, educated and valued.Therefore, they will have a greater oppotunity to become self-reliant, confident and happy within themselves. Pippi House is an example to the community, in developing the individuals’ capabilities at whatever level is appropriate. However, ALL ARE AT RISK. Without help, they will never have the support, education or skills to acquire a meaningful and productive life. Watch the video below to understand just some of the issues they face and how we can help.


Pippi House has been graciously been given a plot of land in the area of  Mkono, Tanzania. Creating a home on this land will be pioneering work from the ground up and will allow Pippi House to have a permanent home where they will not have to fear moving or the price of rent being raised. Over the course of this project Pippi House will need water, electricity and of course all the materials to build a home for these young women, girls, and children. Recent donations have provided the ability for Pippi House to get a bank loan to build. Can you help us? Donate right here on our website or our Facebook page.

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